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St. Pete Strength & Conditioning is a beginner-friendly provider of private and group fitness training.

Our services include CrossFit Workouts, The Sweat Studio, and personal training in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We are committed to helping people reach their goals by providing you with the attention, skills and encouragement you need for success.

FREE Week Trial

FREE Week Trial

No risk. No pushy sales tactics. Try a week of SPSC Crossfit classes to experience a variety of fun and challenging workouts. All skill levels are welcome and beginners are encouraged. Available 3 days per week.

Why SPSC is Different

Why SPSC is Different

Our coaches focus on personalized attention and making sure all members are working to the best of their abilities. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Our personal training programs are tailored to your needs and goals. We specialize in fat loss and improving health through tried-and-true strength and conditioning methods.

Are all CrossFit Affiliates in St. Petersburg the same?

Are all CrossFit Affiliates in St. Petersburg the same?

St. Petersburg CrossFit gyms are all over town, but not all affiliates are created equal. While the area can feel somewhat saturated with choices, we are one of the premier CrossFit gyms in St. Petersburg, FL. SPSC Gym has established it’s self as the #1 gym in the area.

We can confirm that with our amazing reviews, a strong social media presence, and constant stride to improve others’ lives. It is imperative you pay attention to the details and ask the important questions that you need answered. Sit down with a personal trainer that is going to help you with your fitness goals every step of the way. If you are looking for a CrossFit in the St. Pete area look no further than St. Pete Strength and Conditioning.

What is CrossFit & How Does it Work?

CrossFit St. Pete? If you’re new to fitness and have absolutely no idea where to start, we will have you start with our Pelican Academy. If you have never done this before or you’re just looking to get a little more information on gyms in the Pinellas County, we strongly recommend any one who is interested to begin here. We will start you in a small group setting and introduce you to a couple of people who are on the same path as you. After that, we will take you through an effective warm up.

These two steps alone really help our clients dip their toes in the water without feeling too overwhelmed. Our certified coaches will teach you proper lifting form using simple bodyweight skills and techniques. Our professional trainers will teach movement and correct any flexibility issues to help improve your fitness.

In closing, we’re excited that you’ve selected us to be a part of your fitness revolution. Our staff is excited to help you accomplish your new fitness goals. I’m excited as an owner to have you as a new client and friend. The question is, are you ready for us?

What is CrossFit & How Does it Work?

4 Simple Carries for a Bulletproof Core and Back

In my observation, there is an epidemic of insufficient core strength and stability throughout the general public and fitness world, alike. Our lives revolve around sitting for prolonged periods, leading to what we’ll call the “lazy core.”

The good news is there are simple ways to improve this strength and stability. We are big fans of loaded carries at SPSC, which is exactly what I’ll prescribe here. These exercises are simple and effective. The benefits of such carries include:

  • Relief of chronic back pain
  • Improved posture
  • Activation of crucial stabilizing muscles (“wait, I have those?!”)
  • Improved protection of the spine, aka injury prevention!

Before we get into each carry, there is a theme to carries in general: bracing is stability. Bracing refers to your ability to contract your “core” muscles to maintain pressure all the way around your abdomen. When you perform these movements, act as if you have a lifting belt on (don’t actually wear it) and think about pushing against that belt through your abs, obliques and low back. Now let’s get into it.

1) Farmer’s Carry

The farmer’s carry (or farmer’s walk) can be performed using kettlebells, dumbbells, or handles made specifically for this movement. Start with a load that allows you to hold on for at least 20-50 meters at a time.

Start by deadlifting the weights off the ground, standing tall with good posture and walking at a normal or brisk pace. The focus is on maintaining posture by engaging your upper back and creating pressure in your abdomen. These work grip strength too, so increase your weights over time as you build strength.

2) Suitcase Carry

This is just like the farmer’s carry, but only loading one side. Deadlift the weight up on one side and get to walking. Work on firing those obliques to balance you out and avoid excessive leaning. I like to walk 20-30 meters, then switch arms. Each time you switch, set the weight down and deadlift it up on the other side.

3) Single Arm Rack Carry

Using just one kettlebell, get into a rack position by keeping a rigid wrist and touching your thumb to the center of your collarbone. The KB will rest on your bent arm. As you walk, you’ll have to work extra hard on one side to keep your torso upright. Keep your posture and don’t lean!

4) Bottoms Up Carry

You’ll want to start with a lighter weight on this one (15 pounds shown below). A light kettlebell works well because of the balance aspect, but a dumbbell can be used if needed. If you get proficient at this one, you can inch up the weight a little.

Get your arm to about a 90 degree angle and keep the shoulder in its socket. Walk slowly and think about tucking your ribs into your spine, sort of like the hollow body position. If you find yourself overextending your low back with your ribs poking up, re-adjust to maintain your braced position.

Grab some KBs and get to work!

-Taylor Race, co-owner and head coach at St. Pete Strength and Conditioning / SPSC CrossFit

The Ultimate Muscle Up Progression (Video Series!)

I’m excited to welcome you to the 5-part video series for ring muscle ups! The exercises and drills provided here come from working with lots of different people and finding what is most effective.

The overall objective here is to provide you with an approach to the weak points in your game that are holding you back from achieving ring muscle ups. Likewise, you can use this to improve your current muscle ups.

The 5 pieces are as follows: Primer and Pre-requisites, Pulling Strength, Dip Strength and Stability, Turnover Drills, and How to Put it Together.

I suggest watching these in order and not skipping steps. Here we go!

1) Primer & Pre-Requisites for Muscle Ups

Can you perform strict pull-ups and ring dips? You’ll need those.

How about hollow holds/hangs and arch holds? You’ll need those too. Master the basics! Excuse my stiffness in video 1, took me a little while to warm up 😉 In this video, I cover:

  • Hollow Hold
  • Hollow Hang
  • Arch Hold (Superman), plus GHD

2) Pulling Strength and Grip

Now we can get into improving your pulling strength, specifically for the muscle up. Accessory work we’ll cover here includes:

  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
  • Using the false grip
  • False grip ring rows and pull-ups
  • Bent over rows
  • Pendlay rows

3) Dip Strength and Stability on the Rings

In this part, I offer accessory work to increase strength and endurance in your triceps and in the ring dip movement. Don’t be afraid to isolate the triceps or delts in order to improve your dips. The progression covers:

  • Tricep Pull-downs
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Parallette Pushups
  • Ring Support Hold
  • Support to Dip Hold (Negatives)
  • Ring Dip
  • Paused Ring Dip

4) Turnover Drills

The turnover is probably the most crucial piece of the ring muscle up. It is where most people get stuck and can be a big mental block. There is definitely a strength component to the turnover, but it is primarily technique and confidence. Use these drills to get comfortable with the turnover so that you will be prepared to get on top of those rings!

  • Proximal Ring Pull-through
  • Toe Nail Muscle Up
  • Jumping Muscle Up
  • Banded/Seated Strict Muscle Up
  • Box Hip Thrusts

5) How to Put It Together

I know the ring muscle up is sexy and you can’t wait to show everyone that you can do one! However, it’ll be far more impressive and rewarding if you have put in the time and worked each piece over and over again. Now you can use those skills and strength to perform a well-executed muscle up. Keys to success:

  • Get a solid swing. This means no loss of tension, no breaking at the hips/knees/elbows, and keeping full control of your body (especially in the back swing).
  • Pull toward the ceiling. Be horizontal when pulling toward the rings.
  • Use the hip thrust! A good hip extension at the right time will accelerate you to get above the rings.
  • Trust your turnover. You’ve done the drills, so don’t freak out when it’s time to get on top.

In your journey to getting ring muscle ups, take your time and work the basics. You can do the accessory work described in each video a few times a week. Have a pulling day, a dip/pressing day, a turnover day, etc. If you follow that for several weeks, it’ll get you prepared to start attempting great muscle ups!

I hope this helps you on the journey. Feel free to email me at taylor@spscgym.com with questions or tag @spsccrossfit in your training videos so we can see you get after it!

-Taylor Race, co-owner SPSC CrossFit at St. Pete Strength & Conditioning

The Only 5 Supplements That Matter

Supplements are maybe the sexiest topic in the fitness world. Pretty packaging, edgy marketing tactics, and the promise that you’ll be perfectly sculpted out of muscle and braun. It’s also one of the first things we think about when wanting to get in shape. What supplements should I start taking?

Slow down there, boss. After all, these are supplements which, by definition, are meant to complete or enhance something else. Supplements are there to get that extra margin of results because you are already putting in the physical work and eating great.

There are all kinds of flashy products offering huge promises out there. In my opinion, there are only 5 supplements that really matter for avid exercisers and athletes. Here they are in order of importance:

  • Protein
  • Brained-chain amino acids (BCAA)
  • Fish Oil
  • Creatine
  • Pre-Workout


You should be getting the majority of your protein intake from real food. We want the complete proteins from animals and animal products. Things like lean meats, eggs and milk (if you can digest it well).

Protein powders come into play for convenience, such as mixing a shake right after a workout. I’m not going to get into much nutrition talk in this article, but refer to our blog on 3 Simple Tips to Stay Lean and Strong for some basics.

Look for a protein powder that has minimal ingredients (like 5 or less) and is made up of primarily whey, casein, or egg white for my dairy-free friends. Other sources will be less bio-available, meaning you won’t absorb them as well as the aforementioned sources.

For a more effective post-workout shake, combine that protein with a carbohydrate source such as dextrose powder or even just a ripe banana.


Branched-chain amino acids are found in foods that contain protein and make up about 35% of all muscle tissue. These essential acids improve muscle-protein synthesis. Some benefits would include reduced breakdown of muscle tissue, reduced soreness from intense resistance exercise, and improved energy to push through demanding workouts. They can also aid in fat loss and help in building/maintaining lean muscle mass.

I like to sip on some BCAAs before and/or during my workout. These can also be helpful if you have a gap in your day where you aren’t eating much. Keep a flow of BCAAs going! They are inexpensive and easy to drink. Just beware, if they are unflavored you may want to add a little sports drink powder or something that tastes decent!


Fish oil provides Omega-3 fatty acids. Since most of us probably don’t consume enough fish/seafood, these are a good way keep up. A few of the key benefits of taking highly-concentrated fish oil supplements include improved brain function, reduced mental stress, and reduction of inflammation in the body.

I find that when my joints are aching, fish oil makes a big difference. Make sure you find fish oil that is concentrated. The EPA/DHA content should be at least 65% of the pill volume, if not more.


The first 3 supplements are almost a requirement if you are training hard. Creatine mono-hydrate is one that I strongly believe in, but it is kind of an “extra bonus.” Creatine is arguably one of the most studied supplements on the market. Oddly enough, it may be the most widely misunderstood by the general public.

The good news is that most creatine supplements offered (either pill or powder) are just pure creatine. It’s cheap, easy to find and it doesn’t have a bunch of other ingredients added.

Your body naturally creates and uses creatine when you place stress on your muscle tissues, but you can only produce so much. By supplementing with creatine, you supply the body with more to use. The result is the ability to work a little more in the gym. It could be a few extra reps, an extra set, all of which add up over time to greater strength gains and capacity.

Don’t get into loading creatine and cycling like a bodybuilder. Just add a serving to your protein shake whenever you can. See if it makes a difference for you in getting stronger.


Remember when I talked about how sexy supplements can be? Pre-workout seems to be the sexiest. It tastes good, makes you feel like the Hulk, and is marketed perfectly. This is last on my list because it’s not crucial to your success. It should be a backup plan for days when you didn’t get the right foods in before a workout.

Again, try to find something that doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of ingredients and always test out small doses first. Pre-workout is going to be most effective for lifting sessions, especially if they are going to take over an hour to complete. It gives you the drive and mental focus to stay on task. It may also have some benefits such as improved grip strength.

If you are going to do something like a metcon that will really spike your heart rate, you may not want to get jacked up on C4 first! Everybody responds differently to these, so start slow and mess with timing it differently.

In summary, supplements can be a really helpful tool to fill gaps in your nutrition or add to an already great routine. Start slow with one or two things at a time. Otherwise, you may not know if it is making a difference in how you feel and recover.