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St. Pete Strength & Conditioning is a beginner-friendly provider of private and group fitness training.

Our services include CrossFit Workouts, The Sweat Studio, and personal training in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We are committed to helping people reach their goals by providing you with the attention, skills and encouragement you need for success.

FREE Week Trial

FREE Week Trial

No risk. No pushy sales tactics. Try a week of SPSC Crossfit classes to experience a variety of fun and challenging workouts. All skill levels are welcome and beginners are encouraged. Available 3 days per week.

Why SPSC is Different

Why SPSC is Different

Our coaches focus on personalized attention and making sure all members are working to the best of their abilities. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Our personal training programs are tailored to your needs and goals. We specialize in fat loss and improving health through tried-and-true strength and conditioning methods.

Are all CrossFit Affiliates in St. Petersburg the same?

Are all CrossFit Affiliates in St. Petersburg the same?

St. Petersburg CrossFit gyms are all over town, but not all affiliates are created equal. While the area can feel somewhat saturated with choices, we are one of the premier CrossFit gyms in St. Petersburg, FL. SPSC Gym has established it’s self as the #1 gym in the area.

We can confirm that with our amazing reviews, a strong social media presence, and constant stride to improve others’ lives. It is imperative you pay attention to the details and ask the important questions that you need answered. Sit down with a personal trainer that is going to help you with your fitness goals every step of the way. If you are looking for a CrossFit in the St. Pete area look no further than St. Pete Strength and Conditioning.

What is CrossFit & How Does it Work?

CrossFit St. Pete? If you’re new to fitness and have absolutely no idea where to start, we will have you start with our Pelican Academy. If you have never done this before or you’re just looking to get a little more information on gyms in the Pinellas County, we strongly recommend any one who is interested to begin here. We will start you in a small group setting and introduce you to a couple of people who are on the same path as you. After that, we will take you through an effective warm up.

These two steps alone really help our clients dip their toes in the water without feeling too overwhelmed. Our certified coaches will teach you proper lifting form using simple bodyweight skills and techniques. Our professional trainers will teach movement and correct any flexibility issues to help improve your fitness.

In closing, we’re excited that you’ve selected us to be a part of your fitness revolution. Our staff is excited to help you accomplish your new fitness goals. I’m excited as an owner to have you as a new client and friend. The question is, are you ready for us?

What is CrossFit & How Does it Work?


If you want to have an attractive back, then there are many essential things that you should focus on adequately. Everyone wants a strong back so that they do not face any difficulty performing different activities in their lives. Most people think that back workouts are very hard, and they do not perform these workouts at home. But it is ultimately a myth; you can efficiently perform any type of workout at your home conveniently.

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Fundamental Welfare of performing back exercises at home

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Things to remember while doing the workout

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30 Minute Dumbbell Superset Workout

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Important things that are very required in workout

You can use dumbbells for these types of workouts and if you really want to have an excellent outcome, then stick to a workout plan for a more extended period of time. There are plenty of workout plans available, but you should stick to a workout plan that is entirely suitable for your body. Everyone has a different body type, so you should always try to maintain a perfect workout routine for your body. It will be effortless for you if you stick to a proper workout plan for your body.

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These are the critical things that are very required in the workout. It is very crucial for people to overcome bad health and weak bones. There are many essential aspects to the workout, but you should focus on the diet and correct form appropriately.

The BEST Dumbbell Exercises – BACK EDITION!

There are many fantastic back exercises available for increasing your strength. Other than that, if you want to enhance your back, you should focus on proper workout sessions. It is imperative to increase your back power if you want to do every necessary activity in your life. There are a lot of things that you can easily do to improve your back. But it would be best if you opted for some of the excellent workouts that are very crucial.

The strong back gives a lot of benefits in enhancing your other exercises and activities. Many outstanding professionals will help you in providing suitable guidance for training your back. If you want to train yourself back at home, then you can do this activity very correctly. We are providing a list of unique exercises that will help you in getting excellent results. You should follow these exercises properly so that you will get a strong back.

Strengthen your back with these exercises

If you really want to get a strong back, then you can easily opt for these exercises. Other than that, if you really want to perform these exercises, then always keep in mind then you should do it with proper guidance.

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Workout is one of them, so you should do proper attention to doing the workout. Here is the list of the exercises that will surely help you in getting a solid back:

  • Weighted pull-ups(strength)
  • Dead rows(power)
  • Pull-over (hypertrophy)
  • Chest supported touch rows (metabolic)
  • The man maker ( total body)
  • W raise (corrective)
  • Bench reverse hyper (miscellaneous)

This is a list of unique exercises that will help you in getting a muscular back. You can easily pick high weights with the help of these exercises. If you really want to do this activity, then always perform it in the correct sequence.

How back muscles play an essential role in the whole body movement

You have heard many times that a person who has a strong back can easily be able to handle all other body exercises. If you try to do back exercises correctly, then you can easily enhance your body muscles.

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